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  • Saint Hedwig
  • Plants Seen: Redbud
Margaret & Hugo I says:

Near St. Hedwig, Texas. Not really sure what type of flower due to distance, so only a guess, but makes a great photo! Lots more flowers around Seguin, Texas, and south on 123.

Plants Seen: Redbud

Sighted on: 2021-03-25

Photos from this sighting:

  • Small_square_flowers_st_hedwig
Margaret & Hugo I says:

A month after snow and ice that made national news, the spring flowers are in bloom! Found these south of Seguin at 123 and Fox Trotter and Lange roads. Just north of this spot on 123 Business (S. Austin St.) would be Johnny's Bar-B-Que for some great food and home made desserts: http://www.johnnysbarbque.com/

Also saw flowers around Stockdale and east on 87 at Sutherland Springs.

Plants Seen: Bluebonnets

Sighted on: 2021-03-20

Photos from this sighting:

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