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Awnless Bushsunflower

Scientific Name: Simsia calva

Common Names: Awnless Bushsunflower, Bush Sunflower


Simsia calva, more commonly known as the Awnless bush sunflower, is a perennial or subshrub that is found in the Southwest United States (Texas and New Mexico), as well as Mexico, the West Indies, and both Central and South America.

Ray florets are essentially the colorful, flowery portion of the plant. In most Simsia, the amount of ray florets can be anywhere between non-existent and as many as 45. They vary in colors, being any mixture of orange-yellow, lemon-yellow, pink, purple, or white. Simsia calvatend to have 8-21 ray florets with their colors being orange-yellow, with traces, lining, or fully colored faces of brown or purple.

Bloom Color(s): yellow, orange

Plant Height: to 5 ft.

Duration: Annual,Perennial

Bloom Period: May to November

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Growth Habit: Subshrub,Forb/herb

Sightings: Great Northern Blvd., Austin