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Alpine Mountainsorrel

Oxyria digyna

Alpine Mountainsorrel

Photo Name Scientific Name Common Name(s)
Alpine Hairgrass Deschampsia nubigena Alpine Hairgrass
Alpine Hawkweed Hieracium alpinum Alpine Hawkweed
Alpine Heuchera Heuchera glabra Alpine Heuchera
Alpine Honeysuckle Lonicera alpigena Alpine Honeysuckle
Alpine Hygrohypnum Moss Hygrohypnum alpinum Alpine Hygrohypnum Moss
Alpine Jacob's Ladder Polemonium foliosissimum Alpine Jacob's Ladder
Alpine Jewelflower Streptanthus gracilis Alpine Jewelflower
Alpine Knapweed Centaurea transalpina Alpine Knapweed
Alpine Lady's Mantle Alchemilla alpina Alpine Lady's Mantle
Alpine Ladyfern Athyrium americanum Alpine Ladyfern
Alpine Lake False Dandelion Nothocalais alpestris Alpine Lake False Dandelion
Alpine Laurel Kalmia microphylla Alpine Laurel
Alpine Leafybract Aster Symphyotrichum foliaceum Alpine Leafybract Aster
Alpine Leptopterigynandrum Moss Leptopterigynandrum austro alpinum Alpine Leptopterigynandrum Moss
Alpine Lewisia Lewisia pygmaea Alpine Lewisia
Alpine Lily Lloydia serotina Alpine Lily
Alpine Lovage Ligusticum mutellina Alpine Lovage
Alpine Meadow Rue Thalictrum alpinum Alpine Meadow Rue
Alpine Milkvetch Astragalus alpinus Alpine Milkvetch
Alpine Mirrorplant Coprosma montana Alpine Mirrorplant
Alpine Mountainsorrel Oxyria digyna Alpine Mountainsorrel
Alpine Nerve Sedge Carex neurophora Alpine Nerve Sedge
Alpine Oatgrass Helictotrichon Alpine Oatgrass
Alpine Oreoxis Oreoxis alpina Alpine Oreoxis
Alpine Phacelia Phacelia lyallii Alpine Phacelia